Because we are always on the lookout for cool camping gear which helps you out when packing, we couldn’t help but take notice of the Moedal & Totem Backpack Tent, designed by Tenativ, which offers you a 40 L capacity backpack along with a one-person three-season tent. This greatly reduces the time needed to pack your stuff for a trip, as this backpack and tent combo leaves enough storage space for additional necessary items. Currently undergoing a crowd-funding campaign on Kickstarter, the Modeal & Totem Backpack Tent can be pre-ordered with a delivery set for April 2016

The Convenience Of the Modeal Backpack and the Totem Tent

Moedal & Totem adjustable straps

Modeal’s adjustable straps allow you to carry it in several different ways

Both the Modeal Backpack and the Totem Tent are extremely good products on their own, and they can even be purchased separately if you don’t require both. But the utility of of their combination is what makes both of them even better. The Modeal Backpack has 40 liters of capacity and is capable of carrying 70 pounds of internal load. Without using the tent you get even more storage space, and it meets the TSA standards for carry-on luggage even when filled to the brim. Made from polyester webbing, you won’t experience wear and tear issues for years to come. It even offers different ways of carrying because its straps are removable and interchangeable. For those of you who go nowhere without their laptop, you will be glad to know that it has an internal 15 inch laptop sleeve for safe and easy storage.

Moedal & Totem easy setup

It takes 30 seconds to fully set up the Totem tent

As for the Totem, this tent is everything a single person may need out of a tent. It takes around 30 seconds to set it up and it is made from 400 x 300 denier ripstop nylon. Airflow issues have been worked around by making the ceiling out of 20 denier mesh and the tent floor is made from 70 denier waterproof taffeta so you don’t have to worry about a soaked tent. One of the best features of this backpack and tent combo is that the fully set up Totem can be attached to the Modeal Backpack which will allow you to access the storage of the backpack while you are in the tent.

Tenativ’s Humanitarian Efforts

Moedal & Totem connection

The Modeal Backpack and Totem Tent can be connected so you can access the backpack storage directly from the tent

Tenativ is one of those rare companies which have decided not to avoid cost issues with making the product on American soil which is why their products are made in Raleigh, North Carolina. To make things even better, Tenativ partnered up with LC Industries and National Industries for the Blind and Deaf which resulted in giving jobs to visually impaired people who have a hard time finding adequate employment. But Tenativ didn’t stop there as they decided to donate 10% of their earnings to Covenant House International, an organization dedicated to helping homeless youth by supporting housing, life skills training and job development. Hats off to the people at Tenativ for making these amazing efforts to give something back to people in need.

Moedal & Totem convenience

This backpack and tent combo will allow you to pack light and be prepared to camp wherever you want at any given time

As we mentioned before, the Modeal & Totem Backpack Tent can be pre-ordered on Kickstarter (or pre-ordered separately) if you are in need of an ingenious way of storing and carrying an amazing tent and whatever else you may need for your travelling adventures.

Check out Modeal & Totem Backpack Tent’s Kickstarter promo video below.

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