Modular Kasita Living Units

Modular architecture is getting popular and no wonder why- it’s super efficient. Today, we have a transportable living unit to show you called Kasita. It’s a result of Jeff Wilson’s desire to explore the limited space and functionality – he actually spent a year living in a 33 ft2 dumpster.

Kasita can be used as a living space, office or commercial space. It features 31′ x 12′ pods that are sustainable, cost and space efficient. The best part – they can be placed on any terrain. Each pod is at the same time a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, communal area and even storage room. In order to achieve that, the design had to maximize the space and to be fully functional.

Easy installation is not the only benefit of Kasita. If you decide to move, the pod can fit into a truck and you can quickly place it on the new location. As for the interior, it’s arranged so that the kitchen and bathroom are a bit elevated. When you fold up the bed, the space turns into a living area. One side is composed out of large windows that provide the interior with natural light and serve as a nice relaxing area. For now, the pod gets its energy from the grid but there are some plans for renewable energy additions.

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