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Imagine this: a hot summer day, a beautiful vacant lake, and a house in the middle of it – your house. It sounds like a beautiful dream, but it’s in fact possible. Now you can spend your free days in a technologically advanced floating house called “Floatwing”, designed by Friday, which can be customizable according to your own wishes. It can be a romantic getaway for you and your better half, or a base camp for your family or group of friends, and you can be sure that everybody is going to love it.

Floatwing by Friday

Whether you consider it a weekend getaway or a mobile home, it’s perfect for singles, families or groups of friends.

The Floating house has a fixed width of 6 meters and its length can vary from 10 to 18 meters. Inside, you can have a full living experience with a fully equipped kitchen, a salon, up to 3 double bedrooms, a wine cellar, heat pump, AC generator and even a barbecue on the top terrace. Its modular design will allow you to make of it whatever you want, and enjoy the closeness of nature while being totally isolated and yet self-sufficient.

a bedroom on Floatwing

The Floatwing can hold up to three double bedrooms…

a kitchen on Floatwing

… And a fully equipped kitchen…

A salon on Floatwing

… And a salon.

When we say self-sufficient, we mean it. If you charge the house, it can go on without any outside requirements for at least seven days. And, because of its two small outboard motors, you can make it a mobile house and move at a speed of three knots and have a different view every morning. The house can, but doesn’t have to, be equipped with solar panels, and it’s built with low environmentally impact materials and it has a sludge waste water treatment plant. So, you environmentally conscious people don’t have to worry – it is totally eco-friendly.


The waste water will not go straight into the lake, but instead it will be stored in a wastewater treatment plant.


The materials are eco-friendly, too.

The Floatwing is a perfect getaway for single, married, young, old, men and women – be close to nature and self-sufficient, customize it according to your will,  light up some barbecue and enjoy yourself. [via]

Floatwing sideview

This is what it looks like from the side…

A view from the Floatwing

Imagine waking up to this view…

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