Even outdoor fireplaces have gone contemporary. Why have an old-fashioned stone build-it-yourself one when you can have Modfire’s unusual, stylish, sculpturesque fireplaces that will be the focal point of your garden party? Modfire is the brain child of Brandon Williams who came up with the idea for the fireplace when his three-year-old son asked him to roast some marshmallows. Williams started imagining a fireplace, perfect for roasting marshmallows which would also emanate the unique feel of his home built in the 1950s style.

He commissioned craftsman David Dorn and financial consultant Marty Young, both close friends of his, to help him in creating the Modfire brand. Sure enough, the trio became successful, with the Modfire fireplaces featuring in the NY Times Gift Guide, several major publications and TV shows. The fireplace even won a 2011 Dwell on Design Award (the Best Furniture and Accessory category).

The Modfire fireplaces look like a modern version of an Indian tipi. They are manufacturered from 14-gauge-rolled steel and then hand-rolled into the shape of a cone. The most requested models range in height from 44” to impressive 7′. The Modfire Collection is available in four basic models which all use different fuel – The Urbanfire (wood), The Urbanfire (natural propane / gas), The Hausfire (ethanol, this design is suitable for indoors too), and The Metrofire (propane fueled fireplace with a built-in storage unit).

Each of these models is painted in several coats of high-temperature resistant paint, as well as in a clear coat which serves to protects the steel. If you want to have a fully functional fireplace that looks like a real art piece in your backyard, you know which brand to go to. A word of caution: marshmallows are not included. watch video below

Modfire Fireplace on a terrace

Modfire Fireplace 3

Uses of the Modfire Fireplace

Modfire Tablefire

Modfire Fireplaces

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