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Modern Record Console by Symbol Audio is a perfect mixture of old and modern and it is packed in a beautifully designed housing. Great features, wonderful looks and high usability. Sounds perfect, but there is one big problem with this stunning product.

The producers say that the Modern Record Console ‘pays homage to “all in one” console HiFi’s of the 1950’s’. And this is true, both in terms of the design and functionality. Now, design-wise they just needed to use the features of the era, but when it comes to functionality, they needed to integrate the new digital features with the technology from the previous century. And they have done it wonderfully.

Inside view of the Modern Record Console

Each of the cabinets is crafted individually and made of solid American Walnut. The metal part made of ¼” plate steel and it is hand-painted which made it look warm. The entire thing, has vintage qualities and the Modern Record Console is sure to present a valuable addition to your interior design, maybe even taking the central spot.

Modern Record Console by Symbol Audio

However stunning, the design is only a part of the picture. The lid covers the turntable and hand built tube amplifier. Traditional electronics are custom designed by experts in the field of audio engineering. These electronics include a hand-wired tube amplifier responsible for the stunningly warm signal that comes to the two 6.5” full range speaker units. The steel base houses another amplifier and a subwoofer that serve to ‘extend the low end frequency and provide added richness to the sound’. Vinyl is played using a carbon fiber firearm with a Sumiko Blue Point #2 cartridge.

Modern Record Console by Symbol Audio 2

Wireless, modern use option comes with a simple switch of a selector. This enables you to stream music from any digital source and control the Console using your iPhone, iPod, iPad, or a computer. The built-in wireless router takes over the modern aspect of the Modern Record Console without a glitch.

Knobs and buttons of the Modern Record Console

So, in total, the Modern Record Console is a highly functional all round sound system that enables you to completely enjoy music from different eras and serve as a wonderfully warm addition to your interior design. So what is the problem? The price. Coming at $26,000, it is not very likely that the product will have a wide following given the fact that there are other, a lot cheaper options, admittedly not as functional or stunning.

What do you think? Worth the price, or not? watch video below

Record playing on the Modern Record Console by Symbol Audio

Closeup of the Modern Record Console

Wood construction of the Modern Record Console

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