Modern Eco-Friendly Solutions for Economical and Safe Construction

Today environment conservation is a global trend. Representatives of different industries offer their own solutions to such problems as air pollution or depletion of minerals.

The construction business has always been considered not very friendly to nature, but nowadays it offers multiple excellent solutions for the negative impact of the industry on the environment. The leading eco-friendly construction technologies are CLT panels and Euro pallets.

Key Features of CLT Panels

CLT (cross-laminated timber) panels are wooden panels that are constructed of layers of solid lumber glued together. CLT technology is not just environmentally friendly, but also economical. Thus, the cross laminated timber cost is much lower than the price of metal or concrete plates. Meanwhile, the efficiency of CLT panels is great. Due to the layering and framing CLT panels are much thicker than even such a popular material as plywood.

Advantages of CLT panels:

· The material is absolutely safe for human health since melamine or formaldehyde resins are not used for gluing the lamellas.

· CLT panels do not shrink due to the manufacturing process. Immediately after the completion of construction, you can do the finishing.

· Good seismic resistance and sound insulation.

· Panels are six times lighter than concrete.

· Panels strength indicators exceed the strength characteristics of concrete several times.

Key Features of Euro Pallets

Euro pallets, which are also known as EPAL pallets, are exchangeable wooden pallets, which are used for different products transportation. Today epal pallets for sale are the best choice for those who are looking for something universal inasmuch as Euro pallets are suitable for transportation of everything from bulk goods to massive construction blocks.

Why EPAL pallets are considered to be eco-friendly? Due to their longevity and durability. The technology of Euro pallet production assures solid structure, so, pallets can be successfully used for years.

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