Yes, you are a very busy person, and it seems that your life is all about time management, juggling several things at once, and running errands all the time. And, on top of everything, there is that dental appointment. Across the town. At 5 pm. Rush hour! Traffic congestion! You really don’t feel like going. Believe it or not, there is a way of your dentist coming to you and not vice versa.

Dr. Sara Creighton and entrepreneur / former investment banker Lowell Caulder (a former patient of Dr. Creighton) from San Francisco came up with a novel idea of bringing a whole dental office to your work, providing that you work in San Francisco area. Their joint venture Studio Dental is currently building a 230-square-foot mobile dental office, designed by architect David Montalba.

Waiting room and dentist space in a Mobile Dental Office by Studio Dental

This dentist-on-wheels is a modern and multi-functional take on the standard dental office with skylights, TV monitors, and 12-foot ceiling among other features, which makes going to the dentist a rather positive, convenient and uncomplicated experience.

Studio Dental has already partnered with Google and Dropbox to bring dental services to their workers in San Francisco.

Also, the project has been launched at a crowdfunding site Indiegogo where it has managed to raise $37,425 at the time of writing. Studio Dental’s goal is $40,000 and there are 17 days left to pledge.

If they secure enough funding, Creighton and Caulder plan to officially launch Studio Dental at the beginning of 2014. watch video below

Mobile Dental Office by Studio Dental

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