A folding bike by the name of Mobic X9, is definitely something you should look into if you are on an everyday commute that includes using public transport. It allows you to easily switch from comfortable and healthy riding to standing in a crowded bus with your bicycle by your side, but without scornful looks from the people around you. And do this in less than 10 seconds.

The X9 is a foldable bike that makes use of the innovative Click-n-Lock technology developed by Mobic. It literally takes only 10 seconds to fold and as many to unfold. All you need to do is tighten or release simple locks, depending on the action you wish to perform. The whole process requires no additional tools and, previous knowledge of the techniques or any kind of special training. Anyone can do it in no time.

Unfolded Mobic X9 Folding Bike

Perfect, right? You simply fold the pedals, lower the seat, fold the handlebars and handlepost and, lastly, fold the frame to halve the length of the bike. It almost takes longer to explain than do. Just watch the video below.

Additionally, the Mobic X9 includes some much respected brand name components such as SRAM 9-speed grip shifter and derailleur, but also the Lasco 52T Crankgear Kit and aluminum crankarms, as well as Schwalbe performance tires.

For such a product it is very important to be lightweight and having an aluminum frame really helps. In addition, the bike is durable and the mentioned Click-n-Lock technology makes sure you will have no problems with the bike and ride safely without any worries that the bike might fold while you are on it.

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Mobic X9 Folding Bike

Folded Mobic X9 Folding Bike

Assembled Mobic X9 Folding Bike

Mobic X9 Folding Bike

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