Here is another book review and this one is very special. “Mob Rules: What the Mafia Can Teach the Legitimate Businessman” is the newest book by Louis Ferrante. Most of you know who he is, but if there is someone who somehow does not, prepare to be amazed, especially if you find both Mafia and good books interesting.

Namely, Louis is a former Mafia associate, who worked with the Gambino family. He was specialized in heists and he was really good at it, but he had to serve eight and a half years in prison anyway, because he did not want to rat out his fellow mobsters. The thing he is much better at is writing, even though it sounds a bit strange that an ex-mob and Mafia member has such a talent for writing. If you cannot believe this, you ought to read this book and realize how very wrong you are.

In “Mob Rules”, the writer focuses on the leading skills of successful mobsters. Surprisingly, it turns out that they are unbelievably good at it.  Reading this book you can even learn some very useful stuff that can be applied to your everyday life or business. The most influential members of Mafia have always been very good businessmen and Louis gives many examples of their breathtaking management techniques. He even gives advice on how to put them to use and apply them in a legit business, so spending about $20 for this book could pay off really soon if you manage to put his advice to use.

“Mob Rules” is a very interesting book that will keep you nailed to the place where you started reading it until you finish and after you are done with it, be sure to check out some of his other books, because they all tell amazing real stories about Mafia through the heart of an excellent writer.

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