Sometimes, the way you prepare your food is equally important as which food you are preparing. This is especially true when you are cooking in the great outdoors.. You can always bring a wood or gas powered stove, but there are other, more interesting options. For instance, the MITI-001 Stovetop which is very easy to pack because of its small size and which incorporates the use of the Swedish Log as a heat source. This makes it an unconventional outdoor stove that will help you prepare all the food you and your buddies need during your camping trip.

MITI-001 Stovetop anchorage rods

The MITI-001 Stovetop comes with four steel anchorage rods

The MITI-001 Stovetop is a very simple and tough cooking tool. It consists of the stovetop and four anchorage rods, which weigh 2.5 lbs together. MITI-001 is made from Swedish 304L 1/8 thick stainless steel which was laser cut and bent. The way it is used is very simple. The only possible issue would be to properly make a Swedish Log, but even this isn’t a complicated task and we will give you a few pointers just in case.

MITI-001 Stovetop instructions

Follow these simple instructions to make a Swedish Log and use the MITI-001 Stovetop

In order to make a Swedish Log, take a larger log and split it down the middle. After that split both of the halves of the log down the middle again. Bring the pieces together while leaving enough space between the quarter log pieces so you can fill it with tinder and start a fire. Now, all you have to do is place MITI-001 on the top of the log and secure it with the four anchorage steel rods and it’s cooking time.

MITI-001 Stovetop

After you get the hang of making a Swedish Log, it’s time to make some awesome meals

Making this log might sound like a lot of hassle, but try to keep in mind that you can pack less when you have MITI-001, it is as effective as large wood or gas stoves and everything else used with in can be found in the foods.

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