MIRA Safety CM-7M Military Gas Mask Review


Most military special unit forces, a member of a rescue team or anyone preparing for SHTF scenarios will be needing a reliable and comfortable gas mask. A quality military-grade face mask needs to be sturdy, and durable, and not compromise its integrity or functionality. Today, there are plenty of different military gas masks out there and it is hard to be sure which ones are good. That is why we present you with the MIRA Safety CM 7M military gas mask review.

MIRA CM-7M Mask Pros and Cons

MIRA Safety CM-7M mask is a comprehensive mask that has plenty of benefits. Also, the personal protective equipment or PPE industry has plenty of upgrades all the time, and sometimes existing products may have some room for improvement in some of their areas. However, These military-grade gas masks hold plenty of benefits and are affordable to the common Joe.


  • This mask is compatible with different types of optical devices such as night vision googles
  • Compatible with CamelBak water bladders
  • Low inhalation resistance
  • Resistance to CBRN agents, industrial toxic gases and riot control gases
  • Lightweight and highly comfortable, can wear for many hours
  • Bromobutyl rubber design

Even though this is a great quality army gas mask, it could improve in some areas.


  • Only a one-year warranty included
  • Field of vision may be limited
  • The spectacle kit is not included with the mask
  • To some, the exhalation valve position may be awkward

Product Design

The biggest benefit of the design of the MIRA Safety US military gas mask is that it can accommodate all riflemen who need lenses in order to perform their duties. That is why this police gas mask model has a dual-lens vision window instead of a visor. This allows for a wide peripheral range and this design can improve depth perception and combat performance, which as a result makes the MIRA safety mask a great combat gas mask, as well. What’s more, the lenses on this mask are treated with a super helpful anti-fog solution.

Other Helpful Features

The first thing to mention is that the MIRA Safety CM-7M mask has a long shelf life. Under proper storage conditions, this mask will last at least 20 years without any deterioration.

Also, breathing resistance is low. It is a perfect mask for the field of battle with the presence of toxic gases. MIRA mask resists up to 20 pascals which makes it the most breathable military-grade mask available.

Additionally, the CM-7M mask has two mechanisms to prevent the air in the mask from getting too hot. You can regulate the temperature through an innovative exhalation chamber with a sweat drainage system. Also, this mask has a built-in drinking canteen which not many masks include. This hydration system will allow a fluid intake of 230 ml per minute.

All in all, the MIRA Safety CM-7M military gas mask is durable and made of quality materials. The design comes in 3 sizes and is perfect for all on-field operatives or preppers that need protection from gasses. The vision is deep and with no obstacles or dead angles, and there is a nice cooling system in place.

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