Minima Moralia Pop-up Studios

Renting work spaces and studios for artists can get very pricey when you live in bigger and more popular cities. Minima Moralia believes that creativity should have nothing to with social status so they constructed tiny, Pop-up Studios that can be used by designers, musicians, or any other type of artists.

Minima Moralia Pop-up Studios were exhibited during the London Festival of Architecture and each one was occupied by an artist. Studios are very minimalistic and they tend to show that we don’t need huge spaces in order to get the creativity going, just a tiny, peaceful studio that offers an interaction with the outside world.

Minima Moralia Pop-up Studio At Niht With The Side Opened

Minima Moralia designed Pop-up Studio, a tiny workspace for different artists.

Minima Moralia Pop-up Studio Used For Fashion Designers

Minima Moralia Pop-up Studio is very bright and allows you to connect to the surrounding.

Minima Moralia Pop-up Studio Used For Musicians

The studio can be used by architects, musicians, designers, painters…

Minima Moralia Pop-up Studio has a modular steel frame, comes with a roof and a floor. The walls are translucent to maintain the relationship with its surrounding. You can fold and open one side of the workspace to get some fresh air in and there’s a nice skylight to let in the sunlight or provide you with a view of the sky and stars.

An Architectćs Us Of Minima Moralia Pop-up Studio

The studio has a steel structure and translucent walls.

Inside Minima Moralia Pop-up Studio

Inside the studio, there’s a desk, shelves and an artificial light for working at night.

Inside the studio, there’s an artificial light, desk and shelves for storing books, tools, and materials. Also, if you feel uncomfortable with all the open space around you, you can get a curtain.

Minima Moralia Pop-up Studio At Night

The great part about it being so small is that you can place it anywhere, like your backyard or rooftop.

Minima Moralia Pop-up Studio With An Opened Side

You can fold and open one side of the studio and the skylight is there to bring a great view of the sky and stars.

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