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In order to avoid that annoying key jingle and time consuming search for the right keys, Bryce Alexander, an inventor and designer, has created something that can easily become an indispensable everyday tool. The Mini Q Key Organizer is a product which effectively replaces your keychain by storing your keys using the same principle behind a regular folding knife. In fact, apart from keeping your keys in this useful little tool, you have the option of adding an actual blade to it in order to increase its utility. Made either from aircraft grade aluminum, high quality brass or grade 5 titanium (you get to choose which one you want), the Mini Q is built with durability and better organization in mind.

Mini Q Key Organizer size

Its small size and round edges allow you to carry it around in your pocket everywhere

First of all, getting one of these key organizers involves a lot of customization options, from the blade type (if you decide to use one at all), a pocket clip, and the aforementioned materials. There are three blade types available: bottle opener knife, drop point blade and anteater utility blade. After you confirm your purchase, you will be able to choose which one you want and if you pay a little extra you can get additional blades so you can change them afterwards. All three of these blades are 2.35″ long and are made from hardened 420HC stainless steel with a satin finish. This level of customization makes this key organizer into an effective multi-tool.

Mini Q Key Organizer blade types

The three blade types increase the functionality of this tool

As for the shape and measurements of the Mini Q itself, it measures 3.04″ x 1.1″ and has round edges so it can sit comfortably in your pocket. By attaching the pocket clip you can be even more sure that it won’t accidentally fall out of your pocket. You can carry 4 keys, as long as their hole diameter is greater than 4.3 mm and not longer than 63 mm. If you decide to remove the blade and use the extension post you can increase this number to 8 keys. Both the keys and the blade can be easily popped out by pressing the notches on the Mini Q with your thumb.

Mini Q Key Organizer key slots

This key organizer can hold 4 keys, but that number can be increased up to 8 with extensions

The Mini Q Key Organizer is currently available for pre-order on Kickstarter, and if you are interested you shouldn’t worry about whether this project will get funded or not as it received the necessary funding in quite a short time. And how could it not? Considering the level of utility and durability it offers in such a compact size, this awesome tool will be something you will never leave you home without.

Mini Q Key Organizer package

This is what is included in the basic purchase of a Mini Q Key Organizer

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