Mini Countryman Rooftop Tent


Those of you who were thinking of embarking on a road trip but want to do it in style, we share something new that will be of use – the Mini Countryman Rooftop Tent. Just like the name says, this is a roof tent for your Mini Countryman that will allow you to sleep five feet above the ground.

This 2 person tent gives you the option to escape for the weekend and still enjoy a comfortable night sleep. It fits on the top of you car and doesn’t even look like a tent until it’s unfolded. To install it, you’ll need to have a roof rail carrier but no other tools are necessary. This means you can set it up easily in no time.

two cars with rooftop tents

Mini Countryman Rooftop Tent is a two person tent for your car that’s easy to set up.

As for the construction itself, the tent features high quality 100% fiberglass. What makes this material special is the fact it’s heat-resistant, rain proof, provides high levels of noise insulation and ventilation. In fact, it’s guaranteed that heat and condensation will be expelled.

a tent on a car

It has two doors and two windows, a quality 100% fiberglass construction and a cozy mattress.

When unfolded, two steel C-shaped bars will provide stability for the structure. You’ll find two doors that come with inner sealing strips as well as two windows. Also, the mosquito netting will keep you safe from insects while the four interior pockets will give you storage space for smaller items. Speaking of storage, there’s also a large elastic roof net.

drinving a Mini Countryman with a tent on the top of it

There’s the ladder that will help you climb to it.

The tent comes with a high-density crushproof mattress, pillows and a cotton mattress cover. Not to forget the touch-sensitive bulb inside the tent and a height-adjustable aluminum ladder that will allow you to enter and leave the tent.

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