Almost any lover of drinking games has heard of or tried Beer Pong and they can tell you all about just how fun it is. However, there’s a new way to play it: Scienz has recently introduced Mini Beer Pong, a smaller and spill-safer version of the classic game which will certainly liven up any party.

Made from American Oak lumber in Minnesota, the Mini Beer Pong table has ten hollowed slots for cups set up in the familiar triangular formation on either side and it is fitted with two spring-loaded launchers which shoot tethered balls at one-ounce cups of the opponent team. The cups will sit firmly in the cutouts thus preventing spilling, and the tether used to secure the ball means that you won’t have to hunt around for stray ping pongs or risk dirt getting into your cups.

Mini Beer Pong

The Mini Beer Pong kit includes 12 mini plastic cups, 2 mini white ping pong balls, a playing mat and a beer pong rule book, and it can now be played anywhere as it shrinks the game surface to just 26 inches in length. The set can be folded and latched into an easy-to-carry briefcase for convenient transport or storage.

So, whether you love to throw parties, invite buddies over for a couple of rounds or just have a good drinking game available wherever you go, the Mini Beer Pong compact tabletop kit will certainly offer an ideal entertainment solution which saves space, does away with needless cleaning-up and keeps your beer from accidentally spilling around during the match. Fun, simple and easy to set up, the Mini Beer Pong kit is just what you need to keep up the cheer all through the party.

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Mini beer pong table made of wood

Mini Beer Pong

Mini beer pong table

Mini Beer Pong table carrying case

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