Milwaukee Demolition Work Gloves


Whether you’re a construction worker by profession or you just like to do your hard work at home by yourself, you need proper protection. Milwaukee Demolition Work Gloves will provide you with the needed safety and comfort during your hard work.

The palms, thumbs and fingertips on these gloves are made of Armortex which is a material that is often used to create driving gloves. This provides the gloves with great grip and control while operating with heavy machinery and dangerous tools. Besides that, Armortex is strong enough to protect your hands from being cut or torn.

Gloves captured from above.

These gloves are made of Armortex material that provides better grip and greater durability.

Given that we live in a modern age, almost everyone has some kind of a smart device that is controlled with a touchscreen. Well, these Milwaukee Work Gloves feature a Smartswipe knuckle that allows you to use your smartphone without having to take off your gloves and they will not leave any dirt on your screen. These gloves also feature Clarino palm and padded patches that will provide you with much-needed durability and grip.

Hand that's wearing the glove captured from above.

These work gloves feature a Smartswipe knuckle that will allow you to swipe your smartphone screen without having to take them off.

Milwaukee gloves have the Kevlar rolled fingertips, thumb crotch and side panels. It’s very easy to put them on and off and they also have a secure wrist closure that won’t allow any debris to get into your gloves. The breathable spandex back will prevent your hands from sweating, so you’ll be comfortable wearing these gloves without having to take them off in order to let your hands breathe.

A pair of grey gloves captured form above.

Milwaukee gloves have breathable spandex back, so your hands won’t get sweaty and you won’t have to take them off that often.

Milwaukee Demolition Work Gloves are extremely light. They weigh only 1.6 ounces(45g) and they are specially made for mechanical contractors, people that work with iron and steel, heavy equipment laborers and fire and rescue operators. When it comes to maintenance, these are very easy to clean, you can just put them into the washing machine and that’s pretty much it.

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A pair of gloves captured from above.

These gloves also have a secure wrist closure that will prevent debris to get into the gloves.

Check out the presentation of these Milwaukee Demolition Work Gloves here.

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