If you are old enough to remember cassette tapes, then by all means continue reading this. If you are not old enough, continue reading this anyway since you – the 21st-century-young-technology-savvy can’t-live-without-my-iPad-iPhone-iWhatever-people – are not only going to see what a cassette tape is, but also how it has been resurrected and made cool again thanks to USBTape Company which made a cassette-tape-like USB stick called Milktape Mixtape.

The USB has 128 MB of memory, enough to store 15 songs handpicked by you. All you need to do is to drag and drop your favorite songs from iTunes or wherever to Milktape USB and you are good to go. You can even use it in your car.

Milktape USB is Mac and PC compatible and is also available in 512 MB and 1 GB or other sizes upon request. Not only that, this USB stick can be customized to your liking and even pre-loaded with requested files. Additionally, you can personalize each tape since it comes with one blank case cover and two blank stickers.

Whether you are feeling nostalgic or not, Milktape USB makes for a wonderfully original gift!

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White Milktape Mixtape USB Cassette USBtape case

Milktape Mixtape USB Cassette USBtape

Milktape Mixtape USB Cassette case

Black Milktape Mixtape USB Cassette USBtape

Milktape Mixtape USB Cassette in a car stereo

Milktape Mixtape USB Cassette

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