Military Style Messenger Bag | By Serbags


If you’re looking for a roomy bag that you can use every day for carrying all your belongings, this Military Style Messenger Bag might be just what you’re searching for. This bag’s designed by Serbags and when you hear that brand name you know it’s something worth checking out. This messenger bag is designed to fit a number of items, and its casual look makes it easy to combine with any outfit. The colors used are also gender neutral so the bag’s suitable for both men and women.

The Military Messenger Bag looks well-used but not worn out, and it’ll maintain this look from the first day you get it for many years to come. It’s made of high-end pre-washed canvas, and colors available are army green and brown. The bag features adjustable, chocolate brown leather straps that provide a nice contrast while a re-enforced shoulder strap grants better weight distribution and more comfort. This comes particularly useful when you need to carry your laptop or heavy textbooks.

Military Style Messenger Bag, laid and unzipped, with a laptop inside, on a white background.

The bag has enough room to fit a 15” laptop and a re-enforced shoulder strap ensures good weight distribution.

With that said, it’s obvious that this bag’s a great choice for everyone, working people, students, and hikers. The Military Style Messenger Bag can be used to carry a 15″ Laptop, MacBook or iPad, as well as textbooks, other accessories, and water bottles. You can wear it to work, to school or university, for a casual walk around town, or even when you go hiking in the woods. It’s also good for travelers as it keeps your belongings at hand at all times.

Military Style Messenger Bag , laid and unzipped, with books and a water bottle inside, on a white background.

This messenger bag’s also suitable for students who need to carry heavy books.

The bag’s also equipped with an inner pocket with a zipper that’s useful for carrying change and other small items you don’t want to lose in the bag. The main storage compartment also has a zipper, as well as magnetic buckles for fast and easy access. An additional set of outside pockets includes 2 large front pockets and 2 side pockets. All in all, a great rustic style bag designed to be versatile and suitable for everyday use.

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Serbags Military Style Messenger Bag , on a white background, with measurements.

The Military Style Messenger Bag features a casual styling, combining good looks and a lot of room for carrying different types of belongings.

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