Being fans of everything and anything hedonistic, including consuming good wine, we have featured quite a few wine decanters in the past but none like the one we are about to show you. It is called Menu Blade and it is a very efficient and rather unconventional decanting pourer, judging from the design. Eurofins, the globally renowned product testing laboratory, has named it the new winner among the world’s best decanters.

So, what is so special about Menu Blade Decanter? First of all, thanks to its well-designed blade, this decanter adds 43% more oxygen to the wine than usual decanters. It has four small holes in the front (replicating the patented Venturi principle) which allow the wine to come in contact with more air which, in turn, immeasurably improves its flavour and bouquet. This wine aerator is compact, since it measures only 4 x 3 x 8 inches (10 x 7.6 x 20.3 cm), incredibly practical and ergonomic, making it very easy to mount onto the bottle.

Menu Blade is also drip-free decanter which filters, splits and oxygenates your wine as your pour bringing the bouquet and taste to the forefront. The decanter has a wide stream so that wine is properly aerated while its fins ensure even flow into your glass without spilling the contents of the bottle. Designed by the brothers Wright of Studio Designwright, based in London, Menu Blade is simple, sleek and elegant yet incredibly innovative.

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