If you’re bored with the traditional wine-in-a-box design and want to give your tabletop a slightly classier look on that odd special night, we have just the right thing for you today: with Baggy Wine Coat by Jakob Wagner, your dinner table will never look dull again – plus you also get a sophisticated transport mode for your most loved alcoholic beverage.

Made to render a stylish yet casual appearance to the popular Bag-in-Box wines, Baggy Wine Coat functions like an expensive sharp suit or black dinner dress for your vino: simply take the wine bag out of the box, put it inside the Wine Coat, close the flexible top and voila – your wine pack is suddenly looking mighty classy indeed! Plus, in case you like your wine served chilled, you can throw in an extra ice pack to keep the precious liquid as cool and as tasty as it gets on the rocks. Also, Baggy Wine Coat is an excellent and stylish solution for wine transport around town in case you want to take your vino out for a gulp or two on the go: just place the wine bag inside, grab the broad rubber handle and hit the road!

For maximum safety and unique style, each Baggy Wine Coat is made from durable nylon fabric and attached to a non-slip rubber bottom, so your vino won’t topple over if left unattended on the table, countertop, deck, blanket, lawn, floor or any other surface. Measuring 11 x 5 x 6 inches, the Baggy Wine Coat can take in a standard 31 Bag-in-Box wine bag weighing up to three liters, but you can also use the disposable Beverage Bag (sold separately) in case you want to fill the Baggy Coat with any other liquid. The opening on the Baggy fits all standard taps and the pack size can be easily adjusted by rolling/folding the belt. So, if you can have the best suit and handbag in the shop, why not allow your wine a taste of the same luxury? In the Baggy Wine Coat, your vino will always be optimally chilled, stylish-looking and ready for a party.

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