Mellow Drive | Universal Electric Drive Add-on For Skateboards

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The German company Mellow Boards has developed a compact electric drive that fits any skateboard. This way, you can choose any board you like and turn it in an electric skateboard.

The great thing about electric skateboards is that they’re a sustainable way of transport. This design will give you the opportunity to transform your favorite board in just a few minutes. Mellow can fit almost all skateboards with standard 6-hole skate or longboard truck.

Mellow Drive Electric Skateboard On The Ground

Mellow Electric Drive can fit almost any skateboard.

The two in-wheel motor makes no noise, and can make you reach a speed of up to 25 mph. To ensure that it lasts long, it’s 100% water and dust proof. The great thing about Mellow is that it can be used just like a regular skateboard, in case the battery is empty. The wheels are easily exchangeable and the entire Mellow electric drive weights 5.5 lbs, together with the battery.

A guy holding Mellow Drive Electric Skateboard On The Street

If the battery runs out, you can use Mellow just like a regular skateboard.

You get a swappable battery that has a click-in mechanism, so it can be set in just a few seconds. It’s developed as an intelligent Battery Management System (BMS), so it won’t overheat or quickly discharge. The cells inside the battery are of high-quality, the same one Tesla uses. You should charge the battery for 2 hours, and it will have a range of 10 miles.

Mellow Remote Control

Mellow remote control is small and comes with a magnetic safety strap.

To control the skateboard, you’ll get a Mellow Remote. It’s a one button device that’s really small and easy to use. You push it to accelerate, and pull to brake. Simple as that. You can also switch between the 4 Riding Modes: Rookie Ride, Eco Ride, Pro Ride, Endless Ride. When the battery is low, the remote will start to vibrate.

Mellow Breaking System

Mellow has Dual Breaking System that will ensure there’s no traction when it runs out of charge.

Dual Braking System will use the braking power to recharge the battery, and in case you run out of charge, it won’t stop suddenly. One more thing not to forget, there’s a cool looking Mellow app you can use to control your board. You can monitor the charge, range, speed and distance of your ride. Also, you can use the app to control the four riding modes.

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Mellow Phone App

With Mellow App, you can control your board.

To learn more about Mellow, take a look at this video:

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