Making your home feel ethereal and refined can be done with lights too. Have a look at the enchanting Medusae Pendant Light which is named after the Greek word origins of jellyfish classifications. Its gleamy petals and incandescent tendrils that resemble a chandelier are made of gloss white powder coated aluminum and velum finish polyester mylar, and they will make the interior of your home look like underwater landscape. This translucent lamp is designed by Pasadena-based designer and environmentalist Roxy Towry-Russell who was inspired by the ocean’s wonderful and delicate eco-system.

The Medusae Pendant Lamp emanates beautiful light that will soften your environment and bring in a relaxing feeling of the ocean. It is flat packed in pieces for the buyer to put together which reduces the amount of space used for transport.

5 Medusae Pendant Lamps hanging from the ceiling

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