Ahoy there, all ye modern pirates and spacecraft lovers! Today we have a special treat for you: with new HM6 Space Pirate Watch by famous Swiss watchmaker MB&F, you no longer have to rely on the tide and stars to tell accurate time on your daredevil roamings – built to endure the most hostile of elements and environments, this unique chorological device aims to deliver reliable time read-outs whenever you need it and wherever you decide to go, including the outer space.

When creating the fantastic contours of the latest MB&F timepiece, designer Maximilian Büsse sought inspiration in Japanese animated sci-fi series Captain Future and the 1970s biomorphic design. Enveloped in a solid case the Les Artisans Boitiers team built from aeronautic grade Ti-6A1-4V titanium and meticulously brushed for over 100 hours to achieve the superior silky finish, HM6 (the acronym stands for Horological Machine Number 6) packs 475 fine-polished components, 68 jewels and 10 sapphire crystals, all carefully crafted for maximum durability and reliable performance in any given environment. The four case corners are outfitted with a 360° sphere with sapphire crystal domes at the top and bottom for ultimate transparence and design originality.

MB&F HM6 Space Pirate watch

The outcome of more than three years of MB&F designing, engineering and development efforts in collaboration with David Candaux Horlogerie Créative, HM6 sports a 68-jewel movement inside the central dome, topped by a complex mechanism comprising multiple gears, automatically winding green platinum 950 battle-axe rotor and dual aluminum turbines that help reduce stress and wear at excessive speed. The watch is further outfitted with a 60-second flying Tourbillon, two semi-circular indicators that revolve in a vertical fashion to display hours and minutes and a retractable semi-circular metal shell with a turning crown that protects the regulator from UV radiation and ensures reliable time readings even in outer space.

MB&F HM6 Space Pirate watch

Sizing 49.5 mm x 52.3 mm x 20.4 millimeters, the handsome case of HM6 Space Pirate Watch sits atop a hand-stitched black calfskin strap with custom-built titanium folding buckle fixed to a sturdy titanium band for added strength and durability. Made to conquer any challenge thrown its way, HM6 boasts superior corrosion resistance, low thermal conductivity and waterproof design down to 30 meters so it will survive a dip or two on your sailing adventures. Despite its titanium structure, this marvelous piece of watchmaking art is surprisingly lightweight and comfortable to wear so you won’t have the impression that you’re lugging around a tiny spaceship on your wrist – which in fact you are, and in case you forget to wind your HM6 manually, there’s a 72-hour power reserve to keep it going before the mechanism finally stops.

MB&F HM6 Space Pirate watch

Due to be manufactured in a 50-piece limited edition, HM6 Space Pirate Watch is the perfect wristwatch for passionate wristpiece collectors, hard core sci-fi fans and lovers of artistic high-tech gadgets – and it’s a mighty intriguing head-turner too, so check out MB&F website for more details and order you new wrist-worn spaceship before the supplies run out. watch video below

MB&F HM6 Space Pirate watch


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