Whenever you bench press alone, you are putting yourself at risk of serious injury. Maxx Bench eliminates this risk with some clever engineering. The bench has a custom hydraulic release system which is controlled with a foot lever. This system uses gravity to lower the bench into a safe position beneath the weights. After you get up from it, the bench returns into the starting position, saving you time. The foot lever can also be used as a height adjuster for the bench providing a better solution than the traditional pin system.

Maxx Bench

The Maxx Bench has a foot lever safety mechanism

The Maxx Bench provides added safety while still adhering to the integrity of free weight exercise. Basically it’s a tried and tested, traditional bench press with a fail-safe mechanism. No need for safety racks or spotters, you can have a full workout alone without risking your neck. Another great feature of the Maxx Bench is that the bench can easily be disconnected from the rack and can then be used as a flat utility bench. The Maxx Bench is engineered to withstand more than 3.500lb of pressure and is rated by industry standards as fit for commercial as well as home use. This means that it can be the central piece of your home gym, or a nice addition to your professional 24h Gym.

Maxx Bench

Maxx Bench can withstand more than 3.500 lb of pressure

The Maxx Bench uses clever design to make one of the most basic gym exercises more safe. This may seem to be of little importance, but just think how many dangerous situations can be avoided with it. Anybody that worked out in a gym regularly, knows that bench pressing without help can be risky, especially with heavier weights. People have clearly seen the Maxx Bench as a useful machine, since it was a success on Kickstarter, surpassing the goal of $ 50.000. Now all we have to do is wait for the start of mass production, which is scheduled for mid 2016.

Maxx Bench

The hydraulic system of Maxx Bench utilizes gravity to bring you into the safe position

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