Yes, there is actually a way to impress with a simple blanket design. Matador managed to stun everyone with their amazing Pocket Blanket.

Now, such a name comes with a reason. Not only can it fit inside your pocket, but it can also fit in your palm. When rolled out, it covers the area of 55 x 44 inches and weighs only 4.8 ounces.

Additionally, the blanket is very durable. It is made of HyprLyte Nylon which has amazing characteristics of being lightweight, water resistant and puncture resistant. Another great idea is the weighted corners which keep your blanket in place even during a windy day at the beach.

Folding is also not a problem, even for people who have problems with doing this with towels. There is an ‘easy pack pattern’ guide which really is easy. Anyone can do it, if I can. Moreover, the storage pouch that keeps the blanket in place is attached so you will never lose it.

Even though the Matador Pocket Blanket is mostly presented as a beach accessory, its possibilities are numerous. Just imagine its value on a hot day’s picnic or a concert or a festival that would require standing for a long time. watch video below

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HyprLyte Nylon blanket

waterproof outdoor blanket

Matador pocket blanket made of HyprLyte Nylon

Pocket blanket from Matador

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