Matador Camera Base Layer


In the past, we wrote about some awesome and practical Matador gear. The thing they all had in common is the lightweight construction, durability and them being very compact. There’s no wonder their Camera Base Layer is just like that.

Designed for photographers that like to keep their gear well protected, Matador Camera Base Layer provides full camera access. Besides it being compact, the rolltop design allows you to easily adjust it for different types of cameras and lenses. It’s padded with 600+ fill power down and has integrated rain fly. This way, you have your gear protected from water.

A Climber With Matador Camera Base Layer

Matador Camera Base Layer is created for active photographers, to help them protect their expensive gear and access the camera easily.

Matador Camera Base Layer is compatible with most DSLR’s and Micro 4/3 camera/lens combinations. The buckles on the side of the camera cover can be attached to different camera straps, so you can put the camera around the neck. You can also clap the Camera Base Layer on any bag and harness and carry it with no hassle.

Two Images Of Matador Camera Base Layer Being Set Up

With rolltop design, Matador Camera Base Layer can fit different types of cameras and lenses. It’s also very lightweight.

With just 68 grams, Matador Camera Base Layer is ultralight. When developing the design for it, the company wanted to make something for photographers that are often on the road and explore all kinds of remote locations. In these situations, it’s very important to protect the expensive equipment from water, scrapes and bumps. It’s also important to have the camera ready in just a few seconds, because who wants to miss that perfect shot? watch video below

Two images of integrated rain fly on Matador Camera Base Layer

The integrated rain fly is there to protect your equipment from water. This is very important for photographers that explore remote locations.

Watch this video and see Matador Camera Base Layer in action. 

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