Choosing a decent pair of headphones sometimes can’t come without the adequate price, but at least you can be certain that the sound will be great and the craftsmanship superb. Such is the case with the Master & Dynamic MH40 Headphones. Although not all of us can afford a pair, we definitely would like to own one. When it comes to design and performance, it doesn’t get better than this because the MH40 has it all. With its beautiful retro appearance and various color options, these headphones will leave you in awe. The designers have carefully chosen the materials used in the making of the MH40 so that one of its finer qualities is longevity and durability, and, honestly, if this wasn’t the case it would be a shame especially when you take the price of 400 bucks into consideration.

MH40 Headphones retro look

The retro design of the MH40 headphones makes them very appealing

Price tag aside, the MH40 offers premium sound quality without even having to consider issues of sound leakage and badly boosted bass. This was achieved thanks to the custom 45 mm neodymium high-performance drivers. As the devil lies in the details, the MH40 utilizes oxygen free copper in its wires so that pure sound and reduced noise are ensured. Every other component is made from heavy duty materials which will allow decades of use.

MH40 Headphones aluminum and steel

Aluminum body and stainless steel on high strain parts will let you use them for years to come

The body is made from forged aluminum and stainless steel components were added to high strain areas. The cables are woven so that there are no issues with tangles and, in turn, damage which could occur with tangling. A lot of attention was given to the ear pads; in order to achieve maximum comfort, memory foam was wrapped in lambskin for added breathability and they can easily be removed for cleaning or replacement.

MH40 Headphones woven cables

Woven cables allow you not to worry about tangles

The ear pads were even equipped with a conveniently placed mute button so you can turn off your tunes fast when the need arises. The Master & Dynamic MH40 Headphones, even though quite amazingly made, are not for everyone, simply because of the obscene price, but other than that they are an excellent piece of audio equipment.

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MH40 Headphones ear pads

The ear pads are wrapped in lambskin for increased comfort

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