If you are one of those slightly absent minded people who have trouble keeping track of your favourite device, Marco Polo is perfect for you. With this fun app you will stop having trouble with the whereabouts of either your smartphone or tablet.

In order to use this app, download and install it and if you happen to misplace your favourite device simply shout “Marco!”. Your phone will respond with “Polo!” and you will be able to find it in no time.

How marco polo app works with your phone

Of course, if this was the only feature of this app it would be a little disappointing so the developers added a few useful customization features that will allow the user to add a personal touch to it. If you do not feel like shouting “Marco!”, feel free to change the input phrase of the app to anything you like. You can also change the response of the app according to your preferences.

Marco Polo app

The app also works whether your phone is on sleep or silent mode and if you happen to be looking for your phone in the dark, the screen will light up along with the response you chose. The volume boost of the app allows you to set its volume separately from the volume of your device so the chance of failing to hear the response is kept to a minimum.

This app is available for iOS and Android devices for just under $1 and if you loathe rifling through your stuff while trying to find your phone, this is the right app for you. [via]

Marco Polo mobile app

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