Exhilarating, efficient and sustainable transportation mode which lets you save money and gas and helps you beat traffic jams has finally arrived! Adequately dubbed as the ‘lightest luxury vehicle in the world’, Marbel Electric Skateboard combines a futuristic look, durable building materials and a bunch of stunning features to provide a unique boarding experience.

The genuine money- and time-saver, the Marbel Electric Board is designed to be fun, fast and easy to use. The outcome of two years of engineering, tinkering and designing, the Marbel Electric Skateboard sports over 2000W of power so it can run some 10 miles or more on a single charge and reach speeds of up to 20 mph even on uphill rides. Weighing as few as 9.9 lbs, the incredibly thin Marbel board features most advanced technology and electronics fully integrated into the proprietary carbon fiber and Kevlar unibody deck for complete protection even in unfavorable weather conditions.

Measuring 38 inches in length, 10 inches in width and 5 inches in height, the board is equipped with a 2000W brushless DC motor with almost 3 horsepower and it has a regenerative braking system for maximum rider safety. The wheels, nose and the tail of the board are crafted from Urethane rubber to keep the edges safe from any sort of impact, while the sides and the belly of the board are further reinforced by Kevlar composite.

Marbel Electric Skateboard top speed

The Marbel Electric Board is fitted with 165 Wh Lithium-ion batteries and custom battery management system for best performance outdoors, and it comes with a Dashboard smartphone (iOS and Android)  application which allows you to fully customize your ride. By simply choosing among three pre-defined ride modes, you can easily adjust your settings and control the speed, acceleration levels and even throttle directly from your smartphone or the handheld wireless Marbel remote. The Dashboard application also lets you connect with the Marbel community to check out videos and pictures posted by other riders, share your own ride experiences or even map and compare your rides with other Marbel lovers.

The Marbel Electric Skateboard is reportedly easier to ride than the regular board because once you’re set, there’s no need for you to move your feet or adjust your balance to keep going. Just lean left or right to shift your weight to the direction you want to turn, so showing your skills on the deck becomes a piece of cake. The board is recharged in some 90 minutes from the standard outlet using the universal wall charger. The package also includes a USB charger for juicing up your handheld Marbel controller and Marbel Skate Tool in case you need to fine tune and adjust your board, as well as a set of Marbel stickers.

Lightweight, fast, durable and simple to use, the Marbel Electric Skateboard guarantees smooth rides, efficient and sustainable transportation and easier-than-ever deck tricks and stunts, so make sure you order yours before the supplies run out. watch video below

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Marbel Electric Skateboard regenerative braking

Charging the Marbel Electric Skateboard

Marbel Electric Skateboard

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