Manzanita Micro P3 Personal Power Port


Apart from all the fantastic features that we will shortly outline, we believe that it’s important to firstly say that if you live in Washington State and buy the P3 Personal Power Port through the official Manzanita Micro website, they will completely reimburse you with the sales tax if you send them your tax exemption form i.e. a completed Washington State Buyers’ Sales Tax Exemption Certificate.

Now with that out of the way, the Manzanita Micro P3 Personal Power Port is a rugged SAE J1772 EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment) that was proudly built and designed in the USA. With ease of installation and portability in mind, the P3 Personal Power Port will take less than 5 minutes to install with a simple two-bolt wall mount and the NEMA 6-50 plug means you will be able to get power almost anywhere.

Manzanita Micro P3 Personal Power Port Grey And Green

Manzanita Micro P3 Personal Power Port has the output power of 7.2kW and has a 20-foot cord.

The wall mount also allows the unit to be unhooked from the wall and taken on EV road trips. With a weight of 17 pounds and designed to be compact, this will never be a problem. The P3 also comes with a 20-foot cord and the SAE J1772 plug can fit any electric vehicle.

With a 30Amp, 7.2kW output (50 Amp/Adjustable options are also available from Manzanita), this charging station is far more powerful than the level 1 charging cables and for input it can use both 110 VAC and 240 VAC via the aforementioned NEMA 6-50 plug. The Manzanita Micro P3 Personal Power Port is weatherproof with its NEMA 3R rating and the manufacturer has placed a one-year warranty on the unit.

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