Manly Hobbies For All Types Of Men Out There

A busy lifestyle can sometimes drain the life out of you. We spend a lot of time surrounded by phones, TV, computers, and just lying around the house. It’s important to have balance in your life. You must find a way to relieve your stress levels, do something interesting and creative in your spare time. It’s great to have something to be passionate about. There are endless possibilities out there, and you can find something to challenge you, keep you entertained, improve your skills and physical activity.

We made a list of some of the manly hobbies you can do in your free time. Check it out:

1 – Brewing Beer

Crafting Beer

Brewing your own beer has many benefits. [source]

Craft beer became a revolution in the past couple of years. And when you think about, what better than making your own homemade beer? You can enjoy it while hanging out with friends and the process of making it is interesting and relaxing. It doesn’t take too much money, you’ll get familiar with the process in no time, and you can do it from your home.

First, to get familiar with beer related topics you can check out some books about it, like The Complete Beer Course, or The Craft Beer Revolution. You can always order beer making kits, or figure out how to get the equipment yourself. You can also find recipes and instruction onlineDon’t forget to get the best possible beer growlers for small production, and of course, some nice beer glasses. Once you get familiar with the process, you can start experimenting with flavors and techniques to find your own original recipe.

2 – Archery

Archery Target

Archery will teach you precision and focus. [source]

Archery is the best way to bring back the old ways. Now, hunting is mostly done with guns, but using a bow and arrow will take you back to some different times when simple weapons were used. Archery isn’t just about hunting, you can practice it on a still target. You will exercise your body and your mind, it will teach you precision and focus, help you relax and calm your senses.

It’s a relatively inexpensive hobby and anyone can start practicing it. You can rent the gear, buy your own or make it yourself. You can find many online instructions on how to make your own bow and arrow. You may need to get a few things, but some of the necessary items you will find in your home. The last thing you need is to make an archery target and start practicing. You’ll sure look badass doing it.

3 – Cycling and Mountain Biking

Mountain cycling next to a lake

Explore the open roads and breath the fresh air. [source]

First things first, cycling is a great way for environment-friendly transportation. It’s a way to get around town and save the money you would give for public transportation or gas. Anyone can enjoy cycling, no matter what age or physical ability. It will give you pleasure, improve your health and let you see the world. It’s a fulfilling hobby, whether you stick to the city or like to explore open roads and mountain trails.

Try to get as many tips as you can that will improve your biking experience, like choosing the best equipment, trails, preparing for long bike rides. When it comes to gear, you shouldn’t regret a good investment. You will need a good bike, helmet, tools, pump, lock…All you need to do is get on your bike, get a good exercise and enjoy the ride.

4 – Martial Arts

A gut practicing mixed martial arts

Learn discipline and how to defend yourself. [source]

There are many benefits to learning martial arts. First of all, you will always be prepared to defend yourself and keep yourself safe. Martial arts will give you discipline and focus. Staying calm and relaxed is probably what’s in the center of any discipline. You will understand how your opponents think and move and you’ll learn how to respect them.

Training is a great way to relieve stress, get you in shape and get in touch with the warrior inside you. There are so many different schools and disciplines you can choose, so you may want to research and find what’s best for you. It’s important to have good equipment when training. You can also practice at home, there are some great fight simulators you can get.

5 – Woodworking


Woodworking combines arts and crafts. [source]

Learning to work with wood is very satisfying and practical. You’ll be able to fix if anything gets broken and more importantly, combine arts and crafts. You can make your own furniture rather than buying everything. It will also reduce your stress levels and teach you patience.

There are many stores that offer a wide variety of products you’ll need for this hobby. You can take classes to improve your skills, or learn by yourself. There are many online projects you can take whether you’re a beginner or more experienced in woodworking and carpentry. You’ll need to know what are the best tools and techniques, and there are books that can help you out. Just find the inspiration, roll your sleeves and begin.

6 – Skiing and Snowboarding

Skiing down the hill

Snow sports make great hobbies, especially with winter approaching. [source]

Winter is almost around the corner, and all the snow sports enthusiasts are looking forward to it. This great hobby will make you physically fit, teach you to judge your body abilities, distance and space. You can visit many great ski centers and enjoy the charms of winter.

Having good equipment is the key to this hobby. You can always rent it or invest in your own. You’ll need to have good gear, like ski goggles, boots, snowboards and other items for winter sports. Once you try skiing and snowboarding, you’ll probably get hooked to it. After you learn the basics, you can then explore different styles and techniques. And the best part, you’ll breath fresh air, connect with nature and have fun.

7 – Marksmanship


It will improve your concentration, calm you and you’ll learn how to use firearms. [source]

If you don’t like hunting but still want to learn how to use firearms, marksmanship is the best hobby for it. There are many different gun sports you can choose, and they will improve your concentration. It’s also very relaxing to shoot, but you’ll need to have a steady hand and a good focus. You can train so you can use defense guns, in case you need them. There are many competitions you can sign up to or practice just for yourself. It’s a great way to relieve stress, and relax. If you want to learn more about it and improve your skills, there are a lot of guides you can check out.

8 – Pool / Billiards

Billiard table with balls

A game of pool is great for relaxing with friends.

This hobby is really fun. It combines strategy, precision and geometry. To become a good player, you’ll have to master some laws of physics like force, spin, inertia, interference…It’s also a good solution for having fun and spending time with friends. If you can afford to have your own pool table, you should check out some smart solutions for saving space. For example, there’s a pool table that’s at the same time a dining table.

The game is challenging and competitive, great for relaxing and socializing and there’s a variety of games you can choose, whether you play alone or with friends. And if you want to have a similar experience, but not leave the warmth of your home, there are many online pool games you can play.

9 – Paintball

Paintball team

Paintball will teach you strategy, tactics and teamwork.

Paintball offers the feeling of excitement, team spirit and it’s the closest thing to war reenactment. It will give you valuable physical activity and make you learn many necessary skills like cooperative planning and implementation. You will need strategy, tactics and most importantly, teamwork. It’s a great way to have fun with friends, get the adrenaline rush and experience the thrill of battle. You’ll need to have good equipment like the best paintball guns, gloves, vests, masks and other essential gear. You can get creative and make up great stories to accompany the game and include other cool things to your game, like this tactical smoke grenade. Options for improvising are endless.

10 – Camping / Backpacking

A guy backpacking, standing at a cliff

This is a perfect way to spend more time outdoors. [source]

This hobby is a great way to escape the crowded city, connect with nature, relax and breath the fresh air. There are many reasons why you should be spending more time outdoors. It’s also a way to find your perfect getaway and peaceful retreat.  Good organization, will and equipment are the key to this hobby.

You’ll need to learn everything you can about it. Use all camping and backpacking tips you can find, check some of the best books that will teach you how to survive the outdoors. You must have the good equipment. There are many great tents you can use. You’ll need a good backpack, a pair of boots, sleeping bag, water filters and other essential gear. Just head out into the wilderness and enjoy the nature.

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