It’s always a good idea to keep your camera handy when travelling, because who knows what interesting photo material you might stumble upon. However, professional photographers need to keep their cameras handy at all times, which can often be an issue considering their size and fragile nature. But these issues can be a thing of the past by organizing your gear in the proper way with the Manfrotto Pro Light 3N1-35 PL Sling Backpack. This backpack can’t be described as a simple backpack. It offers so much to all people who carry delicate gear and, more importantly, gives very simple access to all of it. It offers you three carrying options so you can morph it into both a left and right sling backpack, a regular backpack and a backpack with its slings in the x position. This allows its users to change the slings frequently while on the move so the Pro Light 3N1-35 PL caters to all of your needs.

Pro Light 3N1-35 PL slings

The slings of this backpack can be used in three different options

The carrying options are just the beginning, and the rest of the features which the Pro Light 3N1-35 PL offers are mind-boggling. Measuring 46 x 33 x 27 cm, this backpack fits the standards of carry-on luggage so you can take it on board of planes with you, while weighing around 1.9 kg on its own.

Pro Light 3N1-35 PL compartments

The Pro Light 3N1-35 PL Backpack has enough compartments to fit all of your gear

It has a compartment for literally everything, beginning with the one for you laptop. Its two main compartments are equipped with flexi dividers which are there to protect your gear. They are also interchangeable so you can modify the arrangement to fit your needs. Along with the laptop compartment and and the two main ones, you have five smaller ones for small and light pieces of equipment like chargers, notebooks etc.

Pro Light 3N1-35 PL tripod

This backpack allows you to carry a tripod with ease

Something that cannot go unmentioned is the option of attaching slings for your tripod. That’s right, you can carry around your tripod without an issue with this amazing backpack. Apart from allowing you to carry a bunch of stuff with you, this backpack can effectively keep it safe. A rain protector is included in the purchase, so if there is nasty weather heading your way, just pull it over the backpack and make sure that nothing inside gets wet. The rain protector is also effective in very hot weather as it deflects direct sunshine and prevents your gear from overheating. Simply pull it inside out to expose its silver side and you are good to go.

Pro Light 3N1-35 PL weather cover

The rain cover protects your gear from getting wet, flip it inside out and it will protect your gear from sunlight

Being able to carry around three cameras and four or five additional lenses, all with your laptop and tripod and whatever else you need is not something every backpack out there can offer. Well, there probably are large ones which can give that option, but the ease of access to this gear is what makes the Manfrotto Pro Light 3N1-35 PL Sling Backpack the best option.

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Check out all the features of the Manfrotto Pro Light 3N1-35 PL Sling Backpack.

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