Does your cupboard look slightly dull with all those lookalike glasses and mugs? If so, you may want to check out the latest set of MAKR tumblers as potential refreshment to your chinaware. Made of food grade copper or hand-turned aluminum, a set of multipurpose MAKR tumblers will definitely serve you a lifetime and will add a classy touch to your drinkware.

Each marked by a Made in USA stamp, MAKR tumblers are handcrafted from food grade copper or hand-turned aluminum for best durability and stylish looks, and the natural patina potential will certainly lend a fresh spirit to your monotonous glass-and-china cupboard shelves. The tumblers are available in three finish types (copper and food-grade powder coating in either white or grey) and in three different sizes: the short, measuring 2.75 x 3.25 inched (ideal for a lowball glass), the tall, sizing 3 x 3.75 inches (useful as both a lowball and a rocks glass) and the tapered tumbler 3.75 x 3.15 inches large (will work well either as a stylish rocks or lowball glass).

Apart from regular drinkware use, the MAKR tumbler set will work equally well as a holder for a wide variety of kitchen or desk accessories, such as pencils and pens, batteries, lighters, coins or even flash cards.

Copper Makr Tumbler

Different size and material tumblers

Makr Tumbler

Makr Tumbler

Water and ice in a copper tumblr

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