Mahabis slippers are coming from London, where they were invented by a company that strives to bring perfection into our everyday lives. Inspired by the world we live in and the problems we face all the time, they produced these slippers to help us overcome some of these problems.

The slippers are light-weight, which naturally is an important thing, but a less common feature is that they can be worn both indoors and outdoors. Surely, nothing stops you from wearing regular slippers outside, but these have detachable soles, which enhance and protect them.

The design is exceptional and rather unique, due to the fact that the people from Mahabis have found their inspiration in the Scandinavian, Moroccan and Indian cultures, and the slippers themselves are hand-crafted in Europe. There is one more thing that helps them look better, or precisely how you want them to look. The changeable soles come in different colors, for example blue, yellow, green, and many others, so you can match them with your clothes.

Mahabis Slippers available colors

Overall, the Mahabis slippers are great. They will bring you comfort and a relief to your feet after a long day, or you can spend the whole day wearing them, without knowing that you have even had any shoes. [via]

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Mahabis Slippers

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