There are many applications that, with more or less success, turn smartphones into scanners, thus making this feature easily accessible at any time. Still, most of them work via your phone’s camera, so the quality of the scanned content is often an issue. The Vupoint Magic Wand II resolves this issue easily and doesn’t have the portability problem. If you are looking for a portable scanner, search no more since this is the thing for you.

It can scan any remotely flat surface quickly and easily, giving you numerous scanning, formatting and sending options.

For example, it can scan in black and white, or color. In addition, you can choose your resolution as well all the way up to 900dpi. The created files can be in JPG – best for images – or PDF – best for documents. If you wish to use the documents as text, there is optical character recognition software for PC that will ‘read’ the characters and turn the PDF into a text file.


Scanning is very easy. There is a button that serves both as an ON/OFF switch and a scan button. Just hold it for a couple of seconds to turn the scanner on. When you wish it to start scanning, give it a short press and do the same to end the scanning process.

As for storing, on one of the sides there is a slot for a Micro SD Card that can store up to 32Gb. Another option, and probably the one you will use more often, is Wi-Fi transfer. It enables you to send your scanned images or documents to your PC, laptop, smartphone, or even directly to a printer.

To summarize, the Vupoint Magic Wand II is small, cordless, portable, easy to use and packed with useful scanning related functions. What more can you ask for?

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