Maarno Folding Boat is a wondrous new design which is a result of joint efforts of two esteemed designers Max Frommeld and Arno Mathies. It is a vessel that provides most of the enjoyment that similar products give, but removing some of the most annoying perils that accompany rowboats.

Maarno Folding Rowboat is still a prototype, but there is no doubt that there are many people out there who will welcome a product such as this. Additionally, the prototype is getting better all the time, so we are only to look forward to any new rendition. As a matter of fact the designers are always looking for some new ideas and ‘collaborators who would be interested in further developing this product’.

Currently, Maarno is made from one piece of plastic and it is seamless. This allows it to be assembled in a very short time, but, what is even more important, it makes transportation very easy. The entire construction folds down to 150 x 80 cm, which also makes storage very simple and convenient. The boat can take two passengers comfortably and the package includes two oars and two cushions.

The Maarno Folding Boat can be used in urban environments such as lakes, ponds and canals, but it can also be of great assistance in disasters such as floods due to its fast deployment and easy transportation.

Maarno folding rowboat

Maarno folding rowboat

Folding rowboat from Maarno

Foldable rowboat stored in a car

Folding rowboat

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