Surf City Paracord specializes in manufacturing all kinds of survival equipment. The newest addition to the their M-550 series survival grenades is the M-550 Pro, a design that packs 26 tools into a compact ball you can easily carry with you. This makes the M-550 Pro a handy survival kit you can find useful in many emergency situations that can occur in the wild. Note that aside from the compass and the fire starter kit, which can be used without disassembling, the M-550 Pro is a onetime deployable kit that can’t be put back together once taken apart.

M 550 Pro Paracord Survival Grenade

The position of the compass on the M-550

The M-550 Pro provides you with: up to 52ft of paracord (35ft tactical camo, 15ft charcoal grey, 2ft safety orange), a LED light, a pocket knife, a dog tag signal mirror, a fire starting kit (ferro rod and striker), 30ft of fishing line, 4 fish hooks, 4 split shot weights, 2 bobby pins, a universal handcuff key, 6 waterproof and 2 stormproof matches, jute twine, a needle and thread, a razor blade, 8ft of military grade trip wire, a compass, some aluminum foil, a wire saw with two split rings, 4 water purification tablets, 2 safety pins, a whistle and 4ft of electrical tape.

Surf City Paracord gives you the freedom of choice when choosing the tools you want and even adding new ones (if you can think of them), customizing your personal survival grenade. You can even choose from a variety of solid and multi colors for the paracord.

M 550 Pro Paracord Survival Grenade

The M-550 Pro has 26 tools

A nice addition to your survival gear, the M-550 Pro is so compact it can even fit in your pocket.. This little gadget can make a difference to your chances of getting out of those “tight spots” and that is why it is perfect for hikers, campers, mountain climbers and survivalists. [via]

Complete list of tools below:

35 feet of Tactical Camo and 15 feet of Charcoal Grey 550 paracord
2 feet of Safety Orange 95 paracord
LED light
Mini pocket knife
Dog tag signal mirror
Fire starting rod
30 feet of 12-pound test fishing line
4 fish hooks
4 split shot weights
2 Bobby pins
Universal handcuff key
2 Butterfly sutures
P38 Can opener
Compressed towel tablet (just add water)
Matches (6 waterproof, 2 stormproof)
4 feet of jute twine
Needle and thread
Extremely sharp razor blade
8 feet of military-grade tripwire
Aluminum foil
Wire saw
4 Water purification tablets
2 Safety pins
Whistle buckle
2 Split rings
4 Feet of electrical tape

Check it out on Etsy here.

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