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We’re not used to going around the house barefoot, and this is also a gamble if you have small children. When you step on a lego barefoot, you’ll curse the hell out of it. The Luxurious Leather Slippers by CP Slippers will give you a comfortable leathery feel and an elegant look. These slippers are handcrafted in Spain and they’re made from premium calfskin leather. Each slipper is made entirely from one leather sheet.

The high-quality leather is cut to a specific size, formed around a special mold, and stitched by hand. The unique process of making these Luxurious Leather Slippers minimalizes material waste and gives the slippers their unique and recognizable design. Besides the original design, this premium leather also provides a unique natural feel. These slippers come in a variety of colors, including tan, cognac, pink, black, blue, and brown. That’s why these items are suitable for both men and women.

Luxurious Leather Slippers, brown, on a wooden surface.

These slippers are made from a single sheet of premium calf leather

The size ranges from small to extra large means everyone can enjoy their unique comfort. If you’re paying so much attention to picking the perfect pair of outdoor shoes, why wouldn’t you also make an effort to nurture your people with these Luxurious Leather Slippers indoors? It will be one of the best investments you’ve made so far. Like all the CP Slippers, these are not only beautifully crafted, but also practical.

Luxurious Leather Slippers, blue, on a wooden surface.

The Luxurious Leather Slippers are handcrafted in Spain and feature a minimalist design

Pick a color and have a pair of Luxurious Leather Slippers right beside your doorstep so you can slip them on as soon as you enter the house. Your feet will be very grateful, and you’ll also prevent tracking dirt into your home. These slippers are super comfortable, simple and light, ant their smooth interior will give you the feel of stepping onto a freshly polished hardwood floor. These minimalistic style slippers are elegant enough and come in a variety of colors which makes them the perfect indoor footwear.

Luxurious Leather Slippers

These premium leather slippers will give you a natural comfortable feel and they come in a variety of colors

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