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Trying out different things is what makes life extraordinary and, in many cases, we don’t try because we believe that it’s too difficult to do. Unicycles are interesting but take a lot of time to master, however, luckily for us, the Lunicycle aims to change that.

Practical, easy to use, and pretty awesome to use, the Lunicycle gives you the ability to do something original and, perhaps, you even gain some mad skills from it.

Man using the Lunicycle

By incorporating a specialized leg brace and adjustable pedal height, the Lunicycle is extremely easy to use.

A conventional unicycle is characterized by having one wheel, a seat and two pedals, and requires a phenomenal balancing skill. Obviously, this is extremely difficult to achieve. However, the Lunicycle went and completely redesigned the unicycle to make it easier to use. Check out the video below.

They managed to do this by completely removing the seat from the equation and by adding specially designed leg braces that add stability and reduces learning time. The pedals are also placed lower than you’ll find with a unicycle and by doing this, it enhances balance by equilibrating your center of gravity.

Three different views of the Lunicycle

Apart from it being easy to use, the tire is also easy to change since it uses an ordinary bicycle tire.

By incorporating an oval wheel design, the Lunicycle effectively eliminates the dead spot that is found on a conventional unicycle. Exchanging the tire is also extremely easy since it uses ordinary bicycle tires. To get the most out of the Lunicycle, the pedals are adjustable for easier learning, or, if you are advanced, to reach higher speeds.

Man using the Lunicycle

If you were looking for perfectly sculpted legs and a super strong core, this would be the way to achieve it.

Needless to say, the Lunicycle will give you an extraordinary total workout and will help tone all of your leg muscles as well as strengthen your core.

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