Luna 360º Camera | Waterproof Camera With 360º Photo And Video Capabilities


We’ve all been in a situation where we just had a perfect view all around us and we just wanted to do a panoramic or a 360° shot without having to spin our entire body or use a bulky camera with all required equipment. Usually, a lot of photos were needed for a full circle, but now you can make 360° photos and videos with just one click using the Luna 360º Camera.

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Luna 360 captured in the bowl with on top of the fruit pile.

This tiny camera is completely covered with aluminum and the lenses are protected with scratch-proof glass.

This very tiny camera is not only allowing you to easily shoot amazing photos and videos, but you can also instantly post and share them on social media. With just one button on it, Luna is incredibly easy to use so it’s practically made for everyone out there. One click of that button and you’ll get amazing 360° photographs, and with only 2 clicks you’ll get great HD 360° videos. Unlike massive cameras, Luna has only 6 cm in diameter and it weighs just 170g, so you’ll be able to easily bring it with you anywhere you go.

Girl captured while holding a Luna 360.

For just $99 more your Luna 360 will come with a stainless steel monopod and some other cool accessories.

Luna 360º consists of two 190º fish-eye lenses that allow it to make sharp 360 degree photos and videos. It has no moving parts and that makes this camera very firm and reliable. Also, this masterpiece of a camera is waterproof, so that’s one more thing you don’t have to worry about. Since we’re talking about the built, from the outside Luna is completely covered with aluminum which makes it safe and sound. Fish-eye lenses and 5-megapixel sensor are protected with scratch-proof glass.

This camera has a 32GB storage space, live stream by Wi-Fi, microphone, and a included Gyro stabilization that will make your videos smooth even when you’re camera shakes. This makes Luna great for outdoor lovers who love to take photos and videos of their adventures. On the bottom of the camera, you’ll find a magnetic adaptor where you can attach power charger, plug other accessories or transfer data.

A man holding the camera on his palm.

This camera is waterproof, so you can use it in any kind of weather conditions.

Regarding the accessories, Luna 360º comes with an accessory adapter, magnetic USB cable, and a power adapter. That is a standard “Luna pack”, but if you add $99 more you’ll get some more amazing equipment for your new favorite gadget. In that “Accessory pack”, you’ll get one stainless steel monopod, one lambskin keychain, and one power dock. These accessories are not essential for the use of Luna, but it will complete and enhance the whole experience.

Tiny camera photographed among the other accessories.

The original “Luna Pack” has a 360 camera, accessory adapter, power adapter and a magnetic USB cable.

Luna can be easily connected to your smartphone via Wi-Fi, and  let’s talk some more about that built-in Wi-Fi in this amazing camera. This great feature allows you to preview your 360º videos on your phone while you’re recording and you can immediately save that video via the wireless connection. This feature also offers immediate sharing and even live streaming the mentioned video on social media, and that is just awesome.

A man holding a camera in the wild.

It has inbuilt Gyro-stabilization that will provide you with smooth videos even when the camera is shaking.

This is one simply amazing and cutting edge product that will change the whole game when it comes to portable cameras and 360º photography. Every person who loves to document their outdoor adventures should have the Luna 360º Camera. Capture your adventure in style.

Pre-order it from Indiegogo here.

A man holding the camera on the palm of his hand.

This camera can be easily connected to your smartphone via Wi-Fi.

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