Lumu Power | Light Meter For Your iPhone

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After launching Lumu in 2013, Slovenian-based Lumu Labs is back on Kickstarter this month, trying to raise money to show their newest invention to the world. Lumu Power is the next generation of light meters and it has so much more to offer. Check out the innovations it features.

Your iPhone can become your best friend and photography assistant – Lumu Power will allow it to be just that. It’s a light, exposure, flash and color temperature meter – all of that in such a tiny device that connects on the top your phone. This is how it works: each of its sides has a different purpose: while the dome-shaped one measures ambient and flash light, the flat one is a color sensor, measuring color temperature, illuminance and white balance.

Lumu Power front and back

The two sides of this amazing gadget will provide you with necessary assistance when it comes to shooting perfectly lit photographs.

Lumo Power has a corresponding app that will show you all the parameters and get this: it knows which side of the device you’re using, opening that screen as soon as you plug it in! Every photographer will appreciate the possibility to quickly measure the color temperature in Kelvins and the value of Tint compensation that you’ll need to accomplish a perfect white in your photos. In addition, the app has a Filters mode that will tell you which filter you’ll need to make the lights match by calculating the color differences between various sources.

Lumu Power app features

The app knows which side you are using and will always show you the parameters you need.

Everything you need to make perfect colors in your photographs is available and easy to use. Your iPhone’s camera will become more helpful than ever if you attach Lumo Power to it. [via]

A hand holding an iPhone with Lumu Power

Ready to start using it?

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