Lumir C Candle Powered LED Lamp

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Lumir started a Kickstarter campaign for Lumir C, an LED lamp powered by a small candle. Lumir C is eco-friendly, doesn’t use batteries or an external power supply. It can be easily moved from place to place and is perfect for camping, reading or making a romantic atmosphere.

The idea for this lamp came when the founder realized that many people in developing countries still live in the dark or just with candle light. He then started making prototypes that used that one candle to provide more light. Lumir C looks just like a lighthouse and the word itself came from two words- ‘Lumi’ which means the light and ‘Mir’ which means the world.

Lumir C Candle Powered LED Lamp Placed On A Surface

Lumi C uses a small candle to power a LED light. It’s easy to use and comes in two types.

It’s very simple to use the lamp. All you have to do is choose your favourite candle, light it up and put Lumir C over it. The heat of the candle will turn on the LED light. You can always go for scented candles and make your living space smell wonderful and relaxing.

Lumir C Mood

Lumir C Mood lamp type that has a capacity of 15lm.

This lamp has two types- Mood, that creates candle-like soft atmosphere and provides 15lm and Spot that’s perfect for reading and can emit up to 60 lm of brightness. Lumir C weighs 500g and its height is 9 inches. Both types come in six colors- white, black, navy, red, pink and blue.

Lumir C Spot Mode

Lumir C Spot is great for reading and its capacity is 60lm.

The company created one more lamp called Lumir K which uses the same principles as Lumir C. It uses a little heat source and saves up to 80% of the fuel when compared to a kerosene lamp. With an incomplete combustion Lumir K can reduce up to 88% of the black carbon of a kerosene lamp.

Check out this video to see many ways this lamp can be used.

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