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You can never be too safe when it comes to traffic, especially if you’re a cyclist, a biker, or a commuter. When you hit the city streets it’s very important to be visible. Now you can have the ultimate package for securing the best visibility on the road. Lumenus is revolutionary smart clothing designed specifically to keep you safe in traffic. You’ll be properly lit without looking silly.

In fact, Lumenus clothing looks pretty good, and it’s seen as the future of apparel. This clothing is designed for every day to really make you shine. Primarily designed for cyclists, this safety apparel is now evolved for other users including commuters, runners, and motorists.

Pre-order from Kickstarter here.

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The features are:

  • washable LED lights
  • rechargeable battery
  • Bluetooth low energy
  • android and iOS app
  • turn signals
  • brake lights
  • intersection flashing
  • performance gauge
All the possible uses for Lumenus Clothing , white figures on a black background.

Lumenus Clothing and equipment can be used in a number of different activities, although it was primarily designed for cyclists.

The white LED front lights ensure you’ll be seen by drivers coming towards you, the red LED brake lights in the back prevent rear-end incidents, and amber LED indicator lights serve as turn signals so everybody knows which way you’re headed. When you’re passing through an intersection, the lights will automatically flash to improve your visibility. In addition to keeping you safe, Lumenus will also help you improve your training by setting the desired pace. The lights will help you keep it up. The app will provide many options for customizing your lights.

Lumenus App Features as seen on smartphone screens.

With Lumenus software, you can store your routes, set your pace and customize your lights.

The Lumenus garments are made by top class manufacturers, and the textiles used are high-quality to ensure optimal comfort and performance. The products include:

  • Crossover Backpack
  • Performance Vest
  • All-weather Jacket
  • Commuter Coat

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Lumenus Crossover Backpack in olive, worn, front view and chest straps.

This cool backpack will not only keep you safe, but it’s also very comfortable to wear and you can pack a lot of things into it.

This cool backpack will not only keep you safe, but it’s also very comfortable to wear and you can pack a lot of things into it.

The Crossover Backpack has all the top-notch features and comes in olive and black color so it’s pretty much combinable with any outfit. The Performance Vest’s made of lightweight breathable materials and it’s available in yellow, blue, and gray. The Lumenus All-weather Jacket’s also a lightweight piece that’s perfect for summer nights, but it can also keep you warm and dry during colder, rainy nights. The Commuter Coat’s another perfectly lit and designed piece with an athletic fit.

Lumenous All-weather Jacket, in gray color, with features mapped out on a white background.

The All-weather Jacket has all the essential lights installed, along with a hidden hood to protect you from the rain.

The benefits of Lumenus are:

  • supreme visibility
  • stylish looks
  • combinable with different outfits
  • protection against the elements
  • performance aid
  • works worldwide thanks to the navigation system that uses Google maps
  • route tracking
  • Zero UI system so you can tuck your phone in the pocket for safety

Pre-order from Kickstarter here.

Lumenous commuter Coat, black, worn by a man, with features mapped out, and yellow Performance vest worn by a woman, with features, on a white background.

The Commuter Coat and the Performance Vest are both made of quality materials and designed to fit your figure perfectly.

Check out all the features here:

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