Lum-Tec Combat B21 GMT Watch


People are usually buying watches for two reasons, styling or practical purposes. Sometimes beautiful watches aren’t always completely reliable, and the durable, solid ones can be a bit modest when it comes to design. Combat B21 GMT watch by Lum-Tec  is a long-lasting military field watch that is also simply but elegantly designed.

Already strong, the stainless steel case is covered with black PVD coating for more durability and strength. Instead of regular glass, this watch has a thick sapphire crystal that is also covered with double side clear and anti-reflective coating. Lum-Tec Combat B21 GMT watch has a Swiss made, Ronda movement that tells time both in 12-hour and 24-hour format. That is going to ease tracking time in two different time zones.

Watch photographed from the front while laying on the table.

Instead of regular glass, this watch has thick and scratch-proof sapphire crystal.

The numbers and needles are charged by solar energy during the day and then when it gets dark they shine brightly green, so you won’t have any problems telling time even if it’s pitch black. This watch comes with 2 nylon straps, one black and one green so you won’t have to worry about matching colors.

This 3D lum-technology watch has a screw-lock crown with a double diamond sealing system and it comes with free lifetime timing adjustments. Assembled in the United States, this watch has 4 different sizes for every man out there. The smallest option is 36 to 38mm (for smaller wrists), then there’s medium – 40 to 42mm (for average wrist size), a large option – 44 to 46mm and finally, extra large – 48mm and up (for men with strong and big wrists).

Watch photographed from above.

This watch comes with one-yeah warranty and a free lifetime battery replacement and timing adjustment. [source]

Also, the Combat B21 GMT watch by Lum-Tec is water resistant up to 300 meters (990 feet). Although, it can withstand water pressure, don’t expose it to hot water or steam, because that’ll weaken the seals and it will no longer be water resistant. Maintenance is very easy, you just need to wipe it with clean and dry microfiber cloth, preferably the same kind you use to clean your sunglasses or smartphone screen. After diving, you should spray cold tap water all over the watch to keep the salt from harming the water resistant seals.

Watch captured glowing in the dark.

The needles are charging during the day via solar energy, and when it gets dark they glow with green light.

If you’re an army man or just a man, this watch will enhance your manly and fierce side, but it will also provide you with elegance and style, making you a strong and modern gentleman.

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Watch captured laying on the table on its side.

This military field watch is water resistant up to 300 meters (990 ft).

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