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Lowepro’s new Whistler Backpacks address a very big issue for adventure photographers. The best photographs are taken in the most inhospitable places. Transporting your beautiful, expensive tools that are essential to capture those magic moments can be a hassle, not to mention dangerous for yourself and your equipment. Carrying a professional camera with spare lenses and additional gear worth more than a couple of thousands of dollars in improvised bags and backpacks just won’t do. That’s where Lowepro steps in, with its new line of backpacks specialized for safely storing cameras and supporting gear called the Whistler series.

Lowepro Whistler

The Lowepro Whistler is a perfect backpack for your pro camera

These rugged backpacks are designed from top to bottom to accommodate all your photography tools. From the internal rigid structure, to the separated compartments with drain holes that ensure no water damages your equipment and a hinged back panel zipper that provides easy access to either all or individual compartments, the Whistler Backpack is the best choice for your camera. Made from special waterproof and abrasion-resistant, rip-stop nylon that is TPU coated, the backpack is remarkably resistant and lightweight. It also comes with a special detachable AW (All Weather) Cover for added protection in extreme weather conditions.

Lowepro Whistler

The back panel zipper allows easy access to your camera and lenses

But these backpacks aren’t only for your camera. There is a large expandable front pocket designed for wet-gear (rope, shovel, crampons…) and multiple heavy duty attachment points for your heavy gear (snowboard, skis, ice axes, tripods…). Your equipment isn’t just secure in the Whistler, it’s also easier to carry with the ActivZone harness system that provides added comfort and stability. There are two models of the Whistler Backpack available: the smaler BP 350 AW (able to fit a DSLR with a 70-200mm lens attached and additional equipment) and the full size BP 450 AW (able to fit a Pro DSLR with a 300mm lens attached and additional equipment).

Lowepro Whistler

The BP 450 AW and BP 350 AW

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your Lowepro Whistler Backpack and your professional camera, and start chasing those perfect snapshots on mountain tops and canyon cliffs. [via]

Get it from Amazon here.

Lowepro Whistler

The Whistler Backpack has a special compartment for “wet gear”

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