Camping tents are no longer what they used to be. Gone are the days of easily collapsible yet difficult to assemble tents. The modern ones are all about luxury, comfort and light. Take Lotus Belle Outback, for instance. This is one-of-a-kind tent which provides plenty of standing space. Every section of the tent can be individually unhooked, while its groundsheet simply clips into place on the poles which creates a dish that stops water and insects from entering the tent.

Bed inside the Lotus Belle tent

Lotus Belle’s canvas is one of the best around, and is fire, water, and rot proof. The rope guy lines, which run from each wall pool and the top of the roof, ensure that the entire structure is sturdy, stable and strong. These tents are made by a family-run company and manufactured to the highest standards. Not only are they easy and quick to assemble, storing and transporting them is a breeze too since Lotus Belle has just one centre pole and ten lightweight wall poles.

Lotus Belle tent

The tent has two zipable mesh windows, a mesh door and a rectangular panel on the back wall ensuring plenty of natural light and constant circulation of fresh air which makes it perfect for hot summers. Lotus Belle Outback comes in two base-diameter sizes – 13ft (4m) and 16ft (5m). The 13ft one weighs 55 kg when packed, while the 16ft one weighs 67kg.

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Gathering inside the Lotus Belle tent

Inside the Lotus Belle tent

Lotus Belle tent

Lotus Belle tent duffle bag

Design of the Lotus Belle tent

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