Loomi is a crafty, modular, recyclable, paintable, do-it-yourself light that will fit nicely into any interior. It is made of thirty-three eco-friendly SBS cardstock pieces that are highly customizable and can be formed into at least a dozen different shapes / works of art.

You can dye Loomi light. You can also paint it, draw on it, glue it, and decorate to your liking or you can leave it in the original white color which also looks spectacular. Loomi light can be hanged from the ceiling or placed on a nightstand. The Wall Street Journal called it „the kind of product you might see in the Мuseum of Modern Art gift shop“. Loomi light was inspired by a Danish patent from the 1970s and it was crowd-funded at Kickstarter. watch video below

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Loomi light suspended from the ceiling

3 Loomi lights under different rooms

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