The Longcave | House In Vietnam By 23o5 Studio

Vietnamese 23o5 Studio created a beautiful house 40km east of Vinh Long to serve as a safe haven for its owners. The area is known for a wide-open land filled with fields and rivers, so the idea was to incorporate that atmosphere into the house.

The name Longcave comes from its dimensions since it’s 5 x 40 meters long. This shape is actually inspired by the Son Doong cave in Vietnam, the largest cave in the world.

The Living Room In The Longcave

The Longcave is created by 23o5 Studio, east of Vinh Long, a province in Vietnam.

The Living Area In The Longcave

The Longcave has plenty of natural light as well as plants organized in gardens.

Thanks to the skylights, the Longcave features a lot of natural light. Since the house isn’t big, the designers decided to make it look larger by removing internal walls. There are just those walls that separate the bedrooms. Also, the ceiling is an important part of the design as it transforms the look of each section of the house.

The Entrance To The Longcave At Day And Night

The entrance to the house.

The Enterance Hall At The Longcave

The design is inspired by the largest cave in the world, Son Doong cave in Vietnam.

Since the interior of the house is almost all grey, with grey tiles and concrete, it was crucial to make some sort of contrast. This was done by incorporating many different plants, organized into smaller gardens.

Two Images Of The Longcave

With almost no internal walls and just 5 x 40 meters, the house looks much bigger.

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