We are hoping that all of us will be living in houses or staying at hotels with minimal carbon footprint one day and that we are all going to become fully aware of the fragility of our planet and all the energy we can save in an effort to preserve it. LoftCube is a step in the right direction. This is a tiny, pre-fabricated house, a sort of a high technology nest for environmentally friendly nomads. Although it looks more like an alien spaceship than a home, LoftCube is an incredibly energy and material efficient and a surprisingly comfortable house.

First designed in 2003 by Werner Aisslinger of Studio Aisslinger, LoftCube offers 360-degree windows which provide a lot of daylight and natural ventilation. It is an incredibly versatile accommodation since it can be used as a hotel lounge, home office, shop, garden house or even a small beach house. It comes in several models which size spans up to 420 square feet (39 square metres) and it can be joined with other LoftCubes to form a complex. The house’s interior is completely customizable, and it comprises of a living room, bedroom and kitchen.

Inside a loftcube

It takes between five and seven days to assembly and only two days to disassembly this modern-day home. This temporary living structure can be transported anywhere and, so far, has found its place from rooftops in Berlin to prairies of South Dakota. The potential and social value of this project could be pretty big – the running costs are kept to a minimum, the house is a clever combination of technology and design and its price tag is reasonable. According to Aisslinger “aesthetically, the design of these products will be organic, reduced, soft, pure, poetic, modular and nomadic.” Hopefully, our future living arrangements will be just like that too.

Floating Loftcube

Loftcube with a scenery in the mountains


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