If you ever saw a movie/TV show with a character who was able to pick lock or played a video game which included a mini lock picking sequence like The Elder Scrolls or Thief series then you probably dreamed of learning this quite useful skill. Your dreams can become reality with the Maker Shed Lockpick School in a Box. This set is an entry level set aimed at complete beginners in the locksmithing craft which will help you learn and effectively hone your pin-tumbler lock picking skills. The entire package incorporates a progressive learning system by starting you off with a single pin set in place and gradually making you work towards a lock with a full number of pin sets.

Lockpick School in a Box set

This entry level set includes 4 picks, a key, a tension tool and five locks

Before we continue reviewing this very good starter set, we have to warn you that most countries deem owning locksmithing tools without a proper locksmithing licence a criminal offense, so before you go about purchasing this or any other type of lockpicks, check your local laws and see whether you will be persecuted for the possession of these tools or not.

Locks with difficulty levels

There are five locks in this set, from the easiest to the most difficult

That being said, we can check out what this lock picking school brings to the table. The entire package includes five locks (from easy to hard difficulty level), one key, four picks and one tension tool. It also includes an instruction manual and all of this comes on an attractive wooden stand. Essentially, everything a person who is interested in this sort of thing might need. All that’s left for you to do is to secure the lock which you want to pick on the wooden stand, follow the manual and hone your skills.

Lockpick School in a Box wooden stand

Secure a lock on the wooden stand and practice away

Considering how pricey locksmithing tools and practice locks can be, even ones intended for beginners, it is safe to say that putting aside 100 bucks for the Maker Shed Lockpick School in a Box is not a big deal at all. Become a master at pin-tumbler lock picking in no time and never worry about locking yourself out of your house.

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